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Case Management Services Provided

Nurses have a variety of ways they can assist the carrier, employer and claimant. These include but are not limited to the following:

Nurse Case Manager

Review the claimant’s medical records and make recommendations.

Provide a detailed monthly written report to the adjuster or following any physician visit or significant activity.

Visit injured worker in the hospital to determine extent of injury, a plan of treatment, and coordinate care and discharge planning.

Call the claimant weekly to check on their status, compliance with the treatment plan and answer any questions they may have.

Send letters to the claimant explaining the role of the nurse case manager, appointments made and discharge plans.

Meet with the injured employee and take a detailed medical and personal history.

Call the physician’s office and obtain copies of all medical records which pertain to the claimant’s injury.

Attend all physician appointments with the claimant and obtain written work status reports.

Consult with the employer/carrier to determine which type of physician would be best for treating a particular injury.

Recommend a change in the treating physician or a consultation with an appropriate physician if the claimant is not progressing or if the physician is not treating according to ACOM guidelines.

Obtain all medical records as they are completed.

Schedule all tests, therapies, and physician appointments and ensure compliance.

Consult with employer to determine if accommodations can be made for the claimant to return to appropriate modified duty and present options to the treating physician. Identify and remove return to work barriers.

Submit to Utilization Review all appropriate requests for treatment, therapies, DME needs, ect. to prevent unnecessary services or treatment.

Keep the employer and insurance adjuster updated on the employee status and treatment plan.

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Obtain reports of tests, physical therapy and treatments and inform adjuster and physician.

Coordinate medical and rehabilitation services.

Arrange transportation and translation services as needed.

Obtain permission from attorneys to work with the claimant.

Discuss treatment options with the physicians and make recommendations as needed.

Ensure compliance with prescribed treatment plan and notify the adjuster if the claimant fails to comply with recommendations.

Coordinate Independent Medical Exams.

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